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Brought to you by the Texas Department of Transportation, Safe Routes to School helps Texas elementary and middle school educators teach kids and their families about safe walking and biking. Our Safe Routes to School curriculum and toolkit provide fun and educational activities for the classroom and special events.

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Safe Routes to School teaches kids how to walk and bike safely.

By giving students the education and encouragement they need to make walking or biking safely to school a part of their daily routine, the Safe Routes to School program can also inspire a healthy and active lifestyle and reduce traffic around schools.

Download TxDOT’s Safe Routes to School toolkit.

Our new Safe Routes to School toolkit offers a wide range of resources for integrating pedestrian and bicycle safety into the classroom, schoolwide efforts, and the broader community. We encourage you to share this link to make it easy for teachers, parents, coaches, and other school leaders to access the materials they need for their classroom or events.

The Safe Routes to School toolkit includes:

  • A curriculum handbook with safety messaging to share with students and families, classroom activities, and detailed instruction for organizing school-based activities such as a Walking School Bus or Bike Rodeo.
  • TEKS-aligned classroom activity sheets.
  • Downloadable, bilingual handouts and posters.
  • Sample forms and printables for walking and biking safety events.
Safety tips for biking to school:
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Obey stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Ride to the right and go in the same direction as traffic.
  • Use hand signals to show others when you want to turn or stop.
  • Bicycles must have a white light on the front and a red light or reflector on the back when riding at night.
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Safety tips for walking to school:
  • Cross the street only at crosswalks or the corner.
  • Look left, right, left before crossing any road.
  • Use the sidewalk. If there’s not one, walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic unless the left side is obstructed or unsafe.
  • Obey all traffic signals, including crosswalk signals.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them.
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Download TxDOT’s Safe Routes to School toolkit!
Download Your Toolkit